Stephanie Hudson, The Triple Goddess, Afterlife Saga Book 3


Synopsis: Keira soon finds herself becoming a pawn in a game she could never hope to win and now the King on the board is a Vampire on a mission. With the only man to stop him miles away from the mountain prison in which she is kept, she must now choose which path to take in order to survive. With enemies at all sides closing in quick, she must tread carefully or she might find the only man to save her isn’t the White Knight she loves but the Dark King she loathes. But time with the Vampire King is dangerous and Keira soon learns that it is more than just the power of her mind she needs to keep locked but also the power of her heart…
And Lucius might just hold the key to both.
Warning : This book not only has sexual content but also a bad ass Vamp King that’s into a bit more than just mortal biting!

*490 pages




My Review:

Stephanie Hudson, The Triple Goddess, Afterlife Saga, Book 3

Keira now finds herself in over her head with a vampire on a mission. She meets new quirky characters along the way and it’s just in Keiras nature to care for everyone. She now finds herself closer to answers that have eluded her thus far, pieces finally falling together. She must choose which path to take to survive and Dominic may not be the one saving her this time. This Author has a great sense of humor, imaginative in creating her characters (hehe), the sexual charge is as always electrifying and there’s always action and suspense to keep you panting for more! Purchased through Amazon. My honest review has no monetary gain on my end.


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