Arlene F. Marks, The Genius Asylum, Sic Transit Terra 1

Synopsis: Earth Intelligence and Space Installation Security each think Drew Townsend is working for them. They’re wrong.

Sent undercover to set up a covert intelligence operation on Earth’s remotest space station, Drew Townsend finds himself managing a crew of brilliant mavericks, making friends with the most feared warriors in the galaxy, and feeling more at home in the controlled insanity of Daisy Hub than he ever did on Earth. Then he learns the truth about his mission there, and it’s time to choose. In the coming interplanetary conflict, which side will Daisy Hub be on?

*250 pages




My Review:

Arlene F. Marks, The Genius Asylum, Sic Transit Terra 1

*This ARC was gifted in exchange for a fair and honest review*

I thoroughly enjoyed this Sci-Fi Brainteaser. Very well written with incredible plot twists and turns. We’ve got a very intelligent double agent as the main character and an intriguing support cast. I was thankful for the planetary history at the beginning as it was helpful in understanding the different organizations mentioned throughout the novel. The Author has a witty way of expressing viewpoints, clearly has put a lot of thought into the storyline and created edge of your seat suspense and mystery! Admittedly, I was confused about the title of the book until about halfway through reading it but it makes perfect sense now. I highly recommend this absolutely unforgettable installment and can’t wait for the next.



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