Review of Deceived, Mindspeak Series Book 5 by Heather Sunseri


The passionate, impulsive Briana Howard and the sly, snarky Jonas Whitmeyer, make a perfect mess of a couple. Both are stubborn, smart and sexy. They’re also human clones with supernatural powers.

Jonas had resigned himself to a solitary life on the remote island of Palmyra, home of Sandra Whitmeyer’s clandestine clone-growing lab. With young clones now inexplicably dying, Jonas is torn between feeling responsible for cleaning up his mother’s mistakes—alone—and his desire to be with Bree.

A heated tussle on Palmyra leaves Jonas and Briana further apart than ever. Bree storms off to Portland, Oregon, but not before encountering clones of a loved one lost long ago.

Jonas tracks down Briana in Portland, where they race to discover the truth about ties between the Howards and the Whitmeyers against a host of obstacles and enemies. Will Jonas and Bree find a way to be together amid an ever-shifting maze of deceit, misdirection and danger unearthed by the darkest of family secrets?


My Review:

Deceived has the ability to captivate! This is Bree and Jonas’s story and it’s packed full of action, suspense and romance. It’s book 5 in the Mindspeak series so I recommend reading the first four books prior to this one. This author has an incredible imagination and her storyline is definitely intense. The villains are always just around the corner so to speak; it keeps you on your toes guessing who the bad guy is…then trying to figure out who the worse guy is when another possibility pops up. I recommend this series to Sci-fi and Romance fans. This copy gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.