The Brodsky Affair: Murder is a Dying Art is a tale of murder, suspense and thriller by Ken Fry.



Lost Art. Murder. A collector who will stop at nothing.

In the tradition of Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum’s novels, The Brodsky Affair will keep you on the edge of your seat as Ken Fry weaves a tale of murder, mystery and intrigue.

Jack Manton, an art dealer, and his partner, Tamsin Greene, did not expect to be targets of assassination attempts. But, when they began to track down the lost paintings of Russian artist, Mikhail Brodsky, now worth millions… that is what happened.

Berezin, a partially disabled, entrepreneurial Russian criminal, murderer and art thief, employed a deadly and vicious ex-Soviet agent, Vladimir Novikov, to follow Manton and use whatever means necessary to steal what he finds.

The chase moved from Australia to UK, to Russia and France, as Interpol attempted to unravel a complex trail of murders and art thefts.

In between, Brodsky’s early life in Russia, and his last days before he was executed in a Nazi concentration camp are revealed. It is in the camp that he concealed his last great work.

Jack Manton faced a perilous path of murder and deceit, before Brodsky’s last unfinished work was revealed, and its destiny decided at a final confrontation.

But… is that where the story really ends?


My Review

Multi layered plots can sometimes become confusing unless executed perfectly. I was skeptical going into this novel as it’s not my preferred genre. The author didn’t disappoint in creating a suspenseful murder mystery. There were very complex characters and the storyline was a bit all over the place, as it kept jumping from one character to the next. The author hit on some of Mikhail Bodsky’s life during a time of war. Hunting for multimillion dollar paintings can no doubt have numerous murders left in its wake. Jack Manton has no idea the trouble he’s put himself and girlfriend, Tamsin Greene, in. Josef Berezin will stop at nothing to acquire the Brodsky paintings including but not limited to, murder, extortion, racketeering, drugs and money laundering. Who will be next on the hit list? Will Manton and Greene survive? You’ll have to read to find out! *Copy gifted to me by the Publisher for an honest review*


About The Author

Ken Fry has travelled extensively around the world. He attempts to share the places he’s seen and his experiences in the pages of his novels. He has held a number of jobs ranging from a gravedigger to a publisher in a prestigious Anglo-American corporation. He had his own publishing business before deciding to follow his first loves and interests – writing and reading.

Currently he has three books published: The Brodsky Affair, Dying Days and The Lazarus Succession. Several more are planned.

He now lives in the UK sharing his home with ‘Dickens’ his Shetland Sheepdog.

He holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature.

Ken Fry

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A Word from the Author

The narrative required endless hours of research. The genre is simple, mystery.suspense and thriller.

The book was inspired about by an element of truth surrounding the fictional character…Mikhail Brodsky who perished in a Nazi concentra. Struggling both financially and also in his personal relationship, art dealer and correspondent Jack Manton makes a major discovery of Brodsky’s works in Australia and realises that there must be others. He embarks on a journey of discovery but is also pursued by an ex Soviet assassain Vladimir Novikov, employed by a villainous psychotic Russian art collector Josef Berezin..with murderous results. Who will triumph?

(Ken Fry , June 2016)