Review of Beauty and the Beast: An Erotic Tale (Sensual Fairy Tales Series Book 1) by Jax Lawrence


Every year the village sacrifices a maiden to the beast that lives at the top of the mountain. The maiden disappears, and no one knows what happens to her.

Beautiful and passionate Belle is too busy trying to catch the eye of her father’s handsome stablehand to worry. But then all her fears are realized when she’s kidnapped by the villagers and abandoned, bleeding and naked, at the mercy of the beast.

Yet the Beast does not turn out to be what she expects. For one, he’s the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. And he’s not interested in killing her. He’s interested in something else, something she’s always fantasized about.

And he needs her. The only way to break his spell is to dominate him for three days, to push him to his sexual limits . . . and for her to give in, over and over, to her own sexual pleasure. Once she does, they’ll both be free.

Can she be the one to break the spell?

This fast paced, erotic fairy tale has BDSM (with safe words), explicit sex, masturbation, violence, and a big, big Beast. It is a short story (50 pages), and first in a trilogy!


My Review:

Beauty and the Beast: An Erotic Tale (Sensual Fairy Tales Series Book 1) by Jax Lawrence certainly put a sexy twist on the classic tale. This was a short story that packs a punch! Belle is not at all the innocent in this version. When she meets the beast and finds out about the curse, she wants to help. It’s dirty work but someone has to do it. Lucky for the Beast, Belle is just the girl for the job. The author did a great job adding detail that will make your heart beat faster, your breathing to speed up and your private bits to start tingling. Recommended for readers 18+. *Copy generously gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*