Release Day Blitz for Type X (Project W.A.R. #2) by M.A. Phipps

Type X

Expected publication: August 19th 2016 by CHBB Publishing



No matter what I do, no matter what steps I take to avoid it, I’m always playing right into somebody’s hand.

Playing the role I was destined for.

Two years have passed since her willing return to the DSD, and Wynter Reeves is no longer the timid girl who only wanted to blend in. Strong, confidant, and in control of her once debilitating powers, the world trembles at her feet while news of what she’s capable of spreads like fire among the State’s enemies. As the death toll rises and Dr. Richter further warps her into a weapon of war, Wynter is forced to embrace the daunting reality of what she’s become. With the remnants of her humanity hanging on by a shoestring, she must choose between the one sacrifice that could lead to her salvation or the dark path of destruction from which there can be no return.

Torn between two sides of a war she never asked for, will Wynter find her freedom, or will she be doomed to remain a monster forever?

My Review:

Type X (Project W.A.R. #2) by M.A. Phipps takes place two years after book 1 ended. Wynter is not the same person she was before. The novel is flawlessly written; the authors imagination is limitless. I love that Wynter is not the meek, naïve little girl she was in book one. It’s sexy as hell when the main female character can kick some ass and look good in a tight leather outfit while doing it. Two years after Wynter turned herself in to Dr. Richter and the DSD, she has become a weapon of mass destruction comparable to nothing else. The DSD, Dr. Richter to be specific, erases her emotions and memories and turns her into a murderess for the State. When PHOENIX rescues her, her memories slowly come back, but now she realizes the new PHOENIX directives are very similar to the DSD’s. What a predicament to be in! This book has action and adventure; twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. The authors voice is just as strong in this book, if not even stronger. The support cast of characters’ personalities are superb. We see a little more into the backgrounds of these characters and it helps us understand a little better knowing where they came from and what they went through. There is talk of a book 3 and I cannot wait to read it. *Copy gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*





Don’t stand out. Blend in. Remain invisible. Those are the rules I lived by—the rules I thought would keep me alive.

I was wrong.

Wynter Reeves is a law-abiding citizen of the State, a willing conformist whose daily life is haunted by terrorism and oppression. With the constant threat of death hanging over her like a shadow, she forces herself to live by a strict set of rules, all in the hope of ensuring she is never noticed. However, on her twenty-first birthday, as she prepares to take the placement exam that will determine her future within society, she begins to show symptoms of a rare and debilitating illness—ultimately attracting the attention of the State. Taken into the custody of the feared research facility known as the DSD, her worst nightmare becomes reality.

Ripped away from the life she knew, Wynter is forced to become the test subject of the mysterious Dr. Richter. Through him, she learns the true and terrifying nature of her condition: a disease called Ultraxenopia.

My Review:

Ultraxenopia, Project W.A.R. #1 by M.A. Phipps is a book set in the future, a dystopian civilization where people are ruled by fear. Wynter is 21 and it’s now her time to take the placement test to see what she will do for the rest of her life. Being the law-abiding citizen that she is, it’s very important to her to sit this exam. She is anxious though, doesn’t want to be a disappointment. During her exam she starts to have what she thinks is a panic attack, when in all actuality it’s something far more dangerous. She’s taken by the DSD and tortured as they experiment on her. Wynter escapes and finds herself with the Phoenix, the group that the State is currently trying to locate and eliminate.

A quote, if I may, to help the potential readers understand where she came from versus where she is now “I gape at her, wondering how she can be so open with someone she doesn’t even know. After all, this isn’t how our world works. We don’t make eye contact. We don’t develop close relationships. We don’t welcome each other the way she’s welcoming me now. “

The debilitating illness Wynter has is called Ultraxenopia and it simply means she can see into the future. The character development was strong and the authors voice was powerful and straight to the point. She affected the mind, senses and emotions yet didn’t get into too much detail. It was just enough to hold you captivated while not boring you with extra description. I am looking forward to reading the next in series, Type X. *Copy gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*

Author Bio

ma phipps

M.A. PHIPPS is an American author who currently resides in the picturesque English West Country with her husband, daughter, and their Jack Russell, Milo. A lover of the written word, it has always been her dream to become a published author, and it is her hope to expand into multiple genres of fiction. When she isn’t writing, you can find her counting down the days until the new season of Game of Thrones.

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