Spotlight for Wastelands of Oz, Return to Oz Book 1 by Kasey Hill

Wastelands of Oz
By Kasey Hill

Somewhere…down a wrong road…under the sea…across the desert…by earthquake, tornado, hurricane, and magick… exists the Land of Oz. But it’s not the same land you loved and dreamed of. A new and more powerful evil than that of the wicked witches has taken over Oz by the name of the Red Sorceress. Oz in shambles, a barren wasteland. Dorothy is sick with stomach cancer so it is up to her daughter, Maryjane, to help bring Oz back to life. Maryjane isn’t your average teenager in Kansas. She was blessed by the Elders of Oz with magickal powers as a thanks for the help her mother. Glinda’s son, Charlie, and Maryjane are the heirs to the throne of Oz, while the Red Sorceress intends to steal it away for her and her apprentice. Maryjane and Charlie have battled for years over their feelings for each other and have grappled with the idea of punishment, for Maryjane is a mortal from the human world, and it is forbidden. However, the only way to defeat this new monster of evil is together, and they alone share the hidden powers to bring Oz back to life and return the wastelands back into the voluptuous land it once was.

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About The Author:

Kasey Hill

Hmm…it’s so easy writing character synopsises than what it is to summarize myself up in bio. I have always had a passion for words. When I was little my kindergarten teacher had a parent teacher conference with my mom wanting to put me in an accelerated reading program. She noticed how I picked up books and made up stories to the pictures in them. From theat point I flourished with words. I was always reading and always writing. I started writing creatively in elementary school, however, it was many years later in high school that it became a passion of mine. Once I graduated high school, I became enthused by occultic matters (furthering another childhood passion) and began writing with Nancy Chandler on her Trinitarian Wicca pieces. All things fiction has always been my thing, reading it, watching it, and writing it. I lost all inspiration when my mother passed in 2009. I was 20 years old, soon to turn 21 in two weeks (which was our shared birthday, my birth was her birthday present.) I was 2 weeks from finishing my last semester of college and it hit me hard. So hard, that I lost interest in everything I had passion about. My whole life was put on hold even though the years whizzed past my head. After six years of numbness, and hitting a solid 27 years old, a tidal wave burst through the built dam and I began writing again. I started back on the projects with Nancy Chandler with her long awaited return of my play of words. I recently just got started back into the fiction and my first piece is fan fiction for the Wizard of Oz called The Wastelands of Oz. You can find a summary about it in my writings in progress page. I have completed the first draft and I’m deep into edits with it. I have 12 or more novels floating around in my head to write but getting this one out was the most important task. I have two self-published poetry books on amazon kindle. One was written this winter. The bass of it is really all the pent up darkness and brooding I’ve dealt with over the course of six years and finally accepting the pain as opposed to being numb over everything. The second one is a poetry/lyrics book. I was heavy into lyrics writing while I was younger, which went out the door as well when my mother passed. The floodgates have opened up and I have been using all the anger, all the pain, all the sadness, and all the built up depression I have clung to for years to fuel my writings.