Review of Full Circle, A Haszard Narrative by Kevin E. Hatt


When asked to look into the death of a man in a town known for pagan connections, Haszard quickly makes progress, and it isn’t long before matters become dangerous. With little to work with, Haszard makes progress, yet the task is a daunting one, and not everyone he encounters is friendly.

Collating interesting and significant information from various sources along the way, Haszard has to link factors linked with the past, and as he does so, he realizes that in order to save someone from certain death, he is in a race against time.


My Review:

Book narratives are always hard to get into, this one being no different. It’s not a bad storyline and I didn’t think Haszard was as sexist as everyone has mentioned in other reviews. There was suspense, murder, mystery and investigations into pagan religion/beliefs that for me personally was very interesting. Haszard and the rest of the support characters all have a quick sense of humor that had me laughing out loud a time or two. This is not my preferred genre so for me to have enjoyed it in any way, it must have some potential. I give 4/5 stars for review and a recommendation to murder mystery fans to give this one a chance. *Copy gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*


Editorial Reviews:


.” . . highly recommended.” -Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite “A fast paced mystery filled with suspense and a dash of English humour. The latest in the Haszard series, is highly recommended!” -Christopher Bowron, # 1 Amazon Best Selling Author “An enthusiastic “thumbs up!” to this great page-turner.” -Kate McGaughey, author of Hear the Bells

About The Author:

Kevin E. Hatt is the author of the Haszard series of narratives. His interest in writing began at school, and he carried it on into his twenties, writing for fun. He wrote the first two Haszard stories in the late eighties, but shelved the project until 2009, when he revived and updated it, going on to write seventeen stories. With the stories having been well received by friends, Kevin published the first five books, and after good reviews is furthering the project. In 1984 he commenced his training as an Operating Department Practitioner, rising to the height of deputy head, before leaving the profession in 1999 to pursue his other love, that of art. Kevin worked as an art consultant, demonstrator, teacher, retailer and framer, but returned to the medical profession in 2010. His main passions are cricket, running, humour, ale and curries. He lives with his wife of twenty-five years and his twenty-three-year-old daughter. Kevin has never been to Ipswich. Or Scunthorpe.

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