Release Blitz and Review for Petrified City (Chronicles of the Wraith Book 1) by S.C. Green


Welcome to Petrified City, where the dead don’t stay in the ground.

Ten years ago, an accident at the city chemical plant leaked toxins into the soil of the historic Brookwood Hill Cemetery. From the poisoned ground emerged the wraith – ghosts of the long dead who gorge on the energy sucked from the city’s dwindling population. Desperate to contain the threat, the government enclosed the city in a giant dome, trapping the wraith and the residents inside.

Now, there’s almost nothing left.

Sydney Cale – a thief with a strange and secret power – attempts to escape from the city’s jailers, only to find herself facing off against the wraith. She teams up with Alain, a raven shapeshifter who is a member of the Order of the Reapers, a powerful force who work to banish the wraith back to the underworld. Alain agrees to protect Sydney and her friend Diana in exchange for her help. She must enter the Citadel – the wraith compound in the center of the city – and steal back his kidnapped daughter.

But what Sydney finds inside the Citadel will change everything. The wraith are evolving, drawing energy from the decaying city itself. Soon, they will be powerful enough to break free of the dome. Sydney and Alain must stop the wraith before they escape and infect the world, even if that means dooming themselves, and everyone they love, to petrifying inside the dying city.

My Review:

S.C. Green has really outdone herself with Petrified City. I was hooked from the very beginning and it was tremendously hard to put the book down. The strong heroine Sydney is trapped along with the rest of the city when the government puts up a dome to save the world from the wraiths they made mixing chemicals and a graveyard. All she wants is to keep her young friend Diana safe and to survive. When Sydney meets Alain, everything in her world changes and secrets unfold. Greens strong voice and unique storyline will captivate you. You do not want to miss this supernatural thriller! This novel went live today – go check it out here.

About The Author:


S C Green as a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of dark urban fantasy and science fiction. Her popular Engine Ward series explores a steampunk Georgian London where dinosaurs still survive. Her latest series, The Chronicles of the Wraith, is co-written with fellow bestselling urban fantasy author Lindsey R Loucks.

She also writes steamy paranormal romance under the name Steffanie Holmes.

Steff lives in an off-grid house on a slice of rural paradise near Auckland, New Zealand, with her cantankerous drummer husband, their two cats, and their medieval sword collection. She writes about metal music, her books, living off-grid, and her adventures with home-brewing on her blog

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Graveyards and ghosts – read about the inspiration behind PETRIFIED CITY


On my blog I often write about the inspiration behind certain stories or pivotal scenes. My latest novel, Petrified City, is coming out tomorrow, and it’s about a decaying city trapped inside a large dome. At the centre of the city is a grand cemetery, where a chemical has leaked into the soil and caused the dead to return as ghostly wraith.

It’s a bit like Crimson Peak meets The Simpsons Movie.

The inspiration for the book came from a visit I made to London’s Highgate Cemetery, one of the grandest Victorian burial grounds in the world. Highgate is beautiful and peaceful, and contains the burials of many well known writers, celebrities and personalities. There are many fascinating tales of extra-ordinary lives, unique architectures, and ghostly encounters.

I wrote a blog post about visiting Highgate and some of the stories I remember. I hope you find it interesting, and if you haven’t already ordered your copy of Petrified City, you get on it quick-smart while it’s still only $0.99!

Thank you for your support!

xxx – Steff