Blogger A & Blogger B

HarsH ReaLiTy

Often I get to witness the difference between Blogger A and Blogger B. They are so different because their outlooks on social media are different. Let’s examine these two bloggers and find out why they are so different!

Recently I pushed the Meet and Greet post again for new bloggers to find some new connections. I always get some amusement out of observing how people use this resource. You can definitely see a difference in outlook and blogging format on this thread. The Meet and Greet is my gift back to my readers and to WordPress as a whole.

I watched Blogger A get excited about the Meet and Greet thread. To Blogger A this was an awesome post and an opportunity for thousands of readers to find him. Blogger A immediately used the board by dropping his link and asking for people to come and visit! He then went…

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