The Prince & The Player


The Prince and the Player

Written by Tia Louise

Genre Contemporary Romance




Ocean’s 11 meets Cinderella is a GREAT way to describe this book! I was drawn in from the first chapter and couldn’t put it down. Thankfully I was kind of late to the game on this book, so I don’t have to wait to get the second one HA!


This book has 2 main couples Rowan (The Crown Prince) and Ava Wilder, and MacCallum (Prince) and Zelda Wilder. Ava and Zelda are sisters who were orphaned and ran away from foster care and grew up in Florida. Rowan and Cal are of course royalty and live in the country of Monagasco. The book starts off with Zee and Ava working a casino where they are dragged into a scheme hatched by “Reggie” (who is the uncle of Ro and Cal).


Now, I enjoyed this book very much. Yes, it is your typical romance story, but there are plots amiss and some suspense and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I like the author’s writing style. Her characters and pretty well developed. I really enjoyed how she alternated the point of view’s in the story (you heard from Zee and from Rowan). The character banter was hilarious and just the way that siblings act (that are close siblings that is).


I am excited to finish up the series with the next book, however I think I would have been super bummed if I had read this before the second book was out… the way that this ended had me on the edge of my seat!


I highly recommend you check out this book and others written by this author. They are well written, easy, fast and fun reads! Great book just to get your mind off things and just get lost in the world of Prince’s and Happily Ever Afters!