Island Smile (Jungle Eyes Trilogy Book 2)



ISLAND SMILE (Jungle Eyes Trilogy Book 2)

Written by Lindsay Marie Miller

Genre: Romance

This book picks up right after where Ms. Miller left us in Jungle Eyes. Henry and Elaine are married and are waiting on the birth of their child. I don’t want to get into to much of the story (you can read the blurb if you want to know what it is about)  I did enjoy this book just as I enjoyed the first one, but I do have to say that there were some issues that I had with the story itself.

The characters in this book are again Henry Rochester and Elaine Rochester, their daughter Lillian Carmichael Rochester and Louisa Rochester, Henry’s younger sister. Also, we are introduced to two new characters, Captain William Pierce and Frederic Holmes Jr. I still had a hard time seeing Henry as an alpha male. Anytime there is some action he just doesn’t make me think, WOW now I need a man like that in my life… But, I do like the way that he loves his wife, daughter and sister. It will be interesting to see how everyone ends up in the last book of this series.

Okay, one of the issues that I had with this book is that Elaine JUST had a baby like 2 weeks ago and when she gets taken honestly, it didn’t feel like she ever worried about who was taking care of the baby. Like for CHAPTERS,  I was thinking the whole time… um… doesn’t anyone care about the baby? They mention her every once in awhile… but man… I don’t know… I didn’t care to much for the lack of I guess maternal instincts Elaine had towards her child. As a mother myself it just bothered me. The other thing was the way that we alternated the point of view, we go from just 2 point of views to at times there are 4. The switching just wasn’t clear enough for me to be honest. I could follow along, but again I found myself having to reread a previous sentence to see whose point of view it was.

NOW, I do have to say that I enjoyed this book more than the first one. There was a lot more action and it flowed nicely chapter through chapter. I am not a big fan of cliffhangers but WOW she did a great job leaving you hanging there LOL. I am excited and can’t wait to read the final book Coastal Spirit. I really, really am enjoying the link that Ms. Miller is doing with Elaine and Jade the panther… I am really interested to see where she goes with that whole link LIKE DYING TO KNOW interested!!!!This was good, again. Very mild in violence and romance. It will be nice to read the final book and see what becomes of all these characters!


***I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher***