Coastal Spirit (Jungle Eyes Book 3)



Coastal Spirit (Jungle Eyes Trilogy book 3)

Written By Lindsay Marie Miller

Genre: Romance

This is the third and final book in the Jungle Eyes Trilogy. Coastal Spirit picks up right after we are left in the cliffhanger of book 2 Island Spirit. We find out the fates of Henry, Elaine, Louisa and Frederic.

I enjoyed the book, again another fast quick read from Ms. Miller. I have to continue to keep in mind that this would NOT happen in real life, so once I kept that in mind I was able to continue to enjoy the story. I do have to say that she FINALLY answered my questions about who was taking care of Lillian while Henry and Elaine were trapped on the island again.

Ms. Miller does well in descriptions, and the story moves very fast. The chapters are quick reads and she continues with the alternating point of views. After reading all three of these books, I am finally catching on to how she does her point of view switches, so it wasn’t as bad for me in this book. She threw in some plot twists which were pretty good. I didn’t see them coming so that was great since the rest of the story was VERY predictable.

I still don’t care for Henry all that much… But you can’t love every character right! I was happy with some of the questions that she resolved (Not putting them in here because I don’t like spoilers). The only big complaint that I have is that the book just suddenly ended. I feel that there should have been more there, but maybe she is going to break this into another series? I don’t know, I just feel that there wasn’t enough closure in the book for this to have been the final book of the trilogy. Here is hoping that she releases a novella or something answering some of these questions!

Overall, this was a cute, fast series to read. Nothing too graphic in any way. Just a sweet romance,with some action, and mystery thrown in. I would recommend these series for someone that is just wanting a pure fantasy story that would never happen in real life. A good book to read on a rainy day and dream of happily ever after.

Series order :

Jungle Eyes

Island Smile

Coastal Spirit


***I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher***