Love Me Like You Do (Love Me Series Book 1)


Love Me Like You Do (Love Me Series Book 1)

Written By Jaime Russell

Genre: Romance

Wonderfully Sweet, Wonderfully Loving and HOT!

 Abby Stephens is unsure about herself. She has suffered abuse at the hands of her parents and just thinks the worst about herself… that she doesn’t deserve anyone to love her…. Cash Hawthorne is struggling with the aftermath of the devastating loss off his parents… He has sworn off marriage and doesn’t believe in happily ever after…

This story was beautiful. I really enjoyed reading this book and falling in love with all the characters. They each have their own hurts, and demons,and yet, the draw that they feel towards each other is just too hard to deny.

Abby made me angry at times, because she just withdrew from life but I really cared about her pulling herself through so that she could be happy. Cash sometimes made me think of a child when he just immediately got made and lashed out… but you could tell that he really tried to pull himself through and grow up. But, I have to say for the author to make me feel these things about a character in a book, can attest to how wonderfully written this story was.

Ms. Russell did a wonderful job in building up these characters. I enjoyed every one of them and look forward to reading the next book in the Love Me Series. The story flowed nicely, she wasn’t overly descriptive and the scenes were HOT! I had a hard time putting this book down. I would recommended this book to anyone looking for a romance that has wonderful characters, not a TON of unneeded drama, and a sweet love story. Great job Ms. Russell! I can’t wait to read all about Max!!!!


***I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher***