Spotlight and Review for Ember’s Burn: A Steel Demons MC Novel by Annelise Reynolds!!



Ember’s Burn: A Steel Demons MC Novel by Annelise Reynolds.

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As President of the Steel Demons, Titan has never had to work for a woman in his life, until he met McKenzie.

McKenzie has a past filled with horrors that have come to silence her. As she embraces her new identity, as Ember, the danger mounts and Titan struggles not only to protect her from the monsters of her past, but from losing herself.

Will Titan save McKenzie once more, or will the monsters from her past silence her forever, and will there be anything left of McKenzie after Ember Burns?



Ember’s Burn (Steel Demons MC Book 2) by Annelise Reynolds. This steamy MC Romance is Ember and Titan’s story. If you thought Grit from Book One was sexy, you’re in for a treat. Titan is the epidemy of strength and control, pure alpha male. He’s the kind of man any woman would purr for. And he’s about to find out what it’s like to chase a woman who thinks she doesn’t want him.

Ember’s past is what nightmares are made of. Somehow she learned how to survive but that’s all she knows how to do. Titan is determined to keep her safe but he’s in a losing battle when it comes to winning her heart.

This second installment of Steel Demons MC Series has everything you could hope to find in an erotic romantic suspense novel. Graphic bedroom scenes that make your toes curl and your tummy quiver, suspense and mystery that will keep you up all night. I did not want to put this book down and when I forced myself to, I couldn’t wait to pick up right where I left off to find out what would happen next! With strong, stubborn women and sexy alpha males you just can’t go wrong. Highly recommended! This author has what it takes and I cannot wait to read more.


ar-picAuthor Bio:

I spend my days working, my evenings with my two wonderful kids, and my nights are when the characters in my head are given free reign. The tagline for Phoenix Bar, “Beauty After the Burn”, holds special meaning for me and really helped to give birth to the story. Like Phoenix, I’ve had to rebuild my life from the ashes. It’s been a long journey with a roller coaster of emotions and stresses, but I can truly say where my life is now is more beautiful than where it was.

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