Release Blitz for Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles Book One, A Permutation Archives Division by Bryan Tann and Kindra Sowder!!

Invincible Heart

The John Baker Chronicles, Book One

A Permutation Archives Division

By Bryan Tann

IH Cover

This book is the start of an exciting new series; a spinoff to Kindra Sowder’s series, The Permutation Archives!

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Check out the trailer for Invincible Heart! Coming in ebook and print 4/21/2017 from CHBB Publishing


President Emerson King had John Baker created to capture or kill rebel “terrorist” Mila Hunter at all costs.
Unfortunately for the President, John’s HEART had other plans.
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As soon as the light hit his eyes, keeping his eyes shut felt like a better solution. The stab of pain in his brain from the soft fluorescent lights threatened to send his eyes out of the sockets. His lids hugged his dry, sensitive eyes in a protective embrace that did nothing to take the ice pick feeling away.

He could not feel his body. He knew it was there; two arms with hands at the wrist with eight fingers and two thumbs a piece. Two legs with two feet at the ankles with ten toes. He knew they were there, but there was no control of them. He could not move them, and he was unable to risk the pain to his eyes and head again to inquire as to why he could not. So he laid still. The knowledge that he was on his back was evident; he was so uncomfortable lying flat on his back and the irritation of it made him long to at least roll to his side.

He was too heavy, he could not move. His brain couldn’t muster its own strength to give orders let alone make his worthless appendages follow its commands. The idea to scream in frustration began to fight its way through the haze of weakness with a surprising strength that burned out as fast as it came, but settled in his consciousness like a splinter in his mind.

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My Review:

I’ve not read the Permutation Archives by Kindra Sowder but that will be rectified soon, as this spinoff from her series is phenomenal! This first installment to what promises to become its own series is incredibly well written. Not many authors actually take the time to write HOW their characters are seeing the things that are going on around them and this is one of the reasons Author Tann can be said to be naturally gifted in this industry. Tann’s imagination knows no bounds!
Sergeant John Baker wakes up to absolutely no memory of his past. As he starts to unravel the mysteries of his new existence, he finds his only ally is his heart. Tasked with bringing in a known terrorist group, John learns he needs to decide really fast who he can and cannot trust.
Action-packed, this novel will keep you at the edge of your seat. This is absolutely a 5* book and I cannot wait for the next in series!

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The spinoff to Kindra Sowder’s Permutation Archives arrives! The Permutation Archives Division tells the tale of the other side of the war. Here is the dynamite Line up for the event!
11:00am: Bryan Tann opening
12:00pm: Jolene Poole
1:00pm: Veronica Smith
2:00pm: Kerry Alan Denney aka The Reality Bender
3:00pm: TL Travis
4:00pm: Rosemary A Johns
5:00pm: Author T. A. Moorman
6:00pm: Michael Schutz Fiction
7:00pm: Jim Master
8:00pm: Author Erin Lee
9:00pm: Izzy Szyn
10:00pm: Kindra Sowder and Bryan Tann


Bryan A Tann

Bryan A. Tann was born in Pittsburgh, PA and has lived in Western PA all of his life except for eight years in New England.

His debut novel “The Enforcer” was first written in 2007 and was originally self published in 2009 before being accepted by CH&BB Publishing in 2016 and published in early 2017.

Bryan lives a quiet life with his two cats while geeking with his friends. He’s got a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and by day he’s a security supervisor. He graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Creative Writing.

He used to sing in R&B groups and a Metal Punk Band. Bryan is also a movie fanatic! He proudly has close to 1100 DVD’s in his ever growing collection. His favorite shows are The Flash, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Legends of Tomorrow, Black-ish, Goldbergs, Lethal Weapon, The Walking Dead, Fraiser, Cheers, Friends and Z Nation. His ultimate goal is to live in a cabin in the woods. Or a Double Wide trailer in the middle of nowhere…so long as he can get Netflix…

And if he can’t have those things than he wants to be the weird guy that people politely call eccentric that won’t let anyone on his lawn.

You Can Contact Bryan Here:

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