Author Spotlight for TL Travis!

Spotlight for TL Travis!

(And just between me and you, Battered & bruised, but not broken releases 8/17/17. Piper Kay and TL Travis authored it together! How exciting is that?)

Girl Crush

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GC - Cover


Girl Crush is an erotic female romance novella that brings to light that one time…

The one time you found yourself questioning your so-called sexuality, potentially risking your friendship. What if the feelings aren’t reciprocated?


‘Loved the book, it has an excellent storyline and very tantalizing’. – Dylan Cross

‘Unlike most short erotic fiction, this packed a huge issue into its 61 pages: spousal abuse. The narrative, while being very quick, dealt with this very real and very harsh situation with eloquence and honesty.’ – Kelly Smith Reviews

‘This short story reads fast and very descriptive. Finding erotica that causes me to envision, taste and be swept away in the passion is not something many writers excel at for me.’ – Rose


The Database (Femdom Series from Hot Ink Press)

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DB - Cover



In The Database, Emily Morgan is complaining to her friends over lunch about the lack of dateable guys out there, and how they lack between the sheets.

Much to her surprise, her friend Sabrina hands her a business card with only a website address on it. At first Emily tosses it back to her, but once Sabrina explains the concept behind it Emily takes it back.

Emily embarks upon a journey that takes her from dating to ‘as needed one night stands’ and awakening her inner Mistress which she never knew she had.

What she doesn’t expect is Hunter. One of the so called ‘losers’ she’s sent to evaluate. But unbeknownst to her, this particular loser is aware of their club as well as his rating and is seeking redemption.

This novelette is catered to readers over 18 as it does contain a consensual BDSM F/F (1 scene) and M/F Femdom sex.



‘The plot is amazing and the book flows great. I can’t wait for her next release.’ – TomandBunny

‘…scintillating, seductive and enthralling. Your body teased into submission. The orgasmic high rendering you speechless.’ – Stracey Charran Ishwar

‘well written and fast paced read that grabbed my attention from the start.’ – Wendy Lovetiggi



Hat Trick

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HT - 11



Hat Trick is an erotic novelette about that one friend, the one friend that every big brother has. That unbelievably gorgeous but, ‘oh so out of my league’ friend. You know the one, the fuel for every hot and heavy self-gratifying session.

Claire Dover was no different. Her crush was Bryce Stanton. Bryce entered her life her freshman year of high school. He was on the school ice hockey team with her brother Eli and Claire never missed a game.

High school has since passed and now Claire finds herself attending the same college as Eli and Bryce. She always deemed herself unworthy of this hockey God, but little did she know, she was his ultimate goal.

This novelette is catered to readers over 18 as it does contain a high level of consensual M/F sex.



‘Be prepared to have a memorable journey.’ – Stracey Charran Ishwar

‘…tender and honest, and the sensual connection is smoking hot.’ – Wendy Lovetiggi

‘…great story of family, and a romance that begins early and blossoms.’ – Bryan



About The Author:

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TL Travis is the published author of The Sebastian Chronicles, The Database, and Hat Trick along with numerous other erotic musings (and many more in the works), The Elders Trilogy – an erotic paranormal (Vampire) romance novel series and many non-fiction articles.

In her spare time she likes to fish, enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, spin spicy erotic webs for readers to enjoy, and rescue any 4 legged lost souls she comes across. Since her children are grown and have flown the coop, she’s taken to spoiling her two deaf white boxers even more so than they were before.

And as always please remember – adopt a pet, don’t shop. Saving that life might just save yours.



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