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Ed and Livvy

Releasing October 6, 2017.



Ed is stuck in a miserable job and a worse marriage, and wishes the world would just end. Livvy’s heart has been shattered too often to count, and her fear of a previous life haunts her. Their worlds combine after one traumatic event. Her mind. His strength. Together they’ll fight back.

ed and livvy

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Demons, Devils and Denizens of Hell

Demons Devils Denizens of Hell

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Print Length: 371 pages
Publication Date: August 4, 2017

The Carnage of Pestilence is featured in Demons, Devils, and Denizens of Hell anthology! The newest member of the Dark Land, the world where Bryce Kreed himself resides! Read the tale of the Horsemen Pestilence in this visceral origin tale.


A hellish collection of short stories from some of the best in the business – compiled by the award-winning author P Mattern. Featuring tales from the darkest pits of hades by, Tania Hagan, Lily Luchesi, Jay Michael Wright II, Ken Goldman, Sergio “ente per ente” Palumbo, Emery LeeAnn, Crystal Barnard, James H Longmore, Tony Eyenot, James Richardson, Lori Fontanez, Marcus Mattern, Lance Tuck, L. Ashby, P. Mattern, Elizabeth Cash, Bryan A. Tann, Elizabeth Zemlicka, Michael Sutton, Thomas S. Gunther, Feind Gottes, and the incomparable Nik Kerry


A Story of Bryce Kreed: The Hunted: Dark Lands (The Path of Redemption Book 2) by Bryan Tann

hunted cover

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Print Length: 327 pages
Publication Date: July 19, 2017

Pittsburgh was just the beginning. Immediately following his victory against the Blood Coven, Bryce Kreed must now seek aid wherever he can to keep Enya Blake safe. Wanted by the Blood Coven, and wanted for questioning by the Vampire Council, Bryce Kreed, the mighty Enforcer is now, The Hunted.


Review by SLH Reviews:

The last stand, or so it seems. Bryce probably won’t go back to being an Enforcer, Enya no longer a Mistress. Life for Chloe, Skull, Reece and Davius won’t be the same. What they will have to do to fight the Liege will change everything.

Davius could feel a different kind of supernatural power emanating from Bryce during an altercation with the Liege. It wasn’t even a vampiric display; it was something that he had never experienced before. Is there more to Bryce than even he’s aware of?

I truly love these characters, fell in love with Bryce, Enya and Skull in The Enforcer. Reece has really grown on me in The Hunted. He’s funny and extremely badass. Chloe has spunk and I could see myself really getting along with her.

I love that anything is possible in the mind of Bryan Tann. You never know what supernatural creature he will throw at you next. It’s always an adventure to keep your head spinning and stomach twisting with adrenaline! It’s a must read series that is far from over, keep a look-out for Book 3!

Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles: A Permutation Archives Division (The Permutation Archives Book 1) by Bryan Tann ~ Kindra Sowder

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Print Length: 394 pages
Publication Date: April 16, 2017

His second published novel, the spinoff to Kindra Sowder‘s Permutation Archives, Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles

President Emerson King had John Baker created to capture or kill rebel “terrorist” Mila Hunter at all costs. Unfortunately for the President, John’s HEART had other plans.

Review by SLH Reviews:

I’ve not read the Permutation Archives by Kindra Sowder but that will be rectified soon, as this spinoff from her series is phenomenal! This first installment to what promises to become its own series is incredibly well written. Not many authors actually take the time to write HOW their characters are seeing the things that are going on around them and this is one of the reasons Author Tann can be said to be naturally gifted in this industry. Tann’s imagination knows no bounds!

Sergeant John Baker wakes up to absolutely no memory of his past. As he starts to unravel the mysteries of his new existence, he finds his only ally is his heart. Tasked with bringing in a known terrorist group, John learns he needs to decide really fast who he can and cannot trust.

Action-packed, this novel will keep you at the edge of your seat. This is absolutely a 5* book and I cannot wait for the next in series!

IH teaser1

A Story of Bryce Kreed: The Enforcer: Dark Lands (The Path of Redemption Book 1) by Bryan Tann

the enforcer cover

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Print Length: 384 pages
Publication Date: March 20, 2017

For over two hundred years the powerful hands of Bryce Kreed have ended countless lives at the will of the Vampire Council. The thrill of the hunt drove the mighty vampire warrior, causing him to become a ruthless, and violent killer whose acts were performed with no fear of any consequences, sending him down a path of eternal damnation.

Today, his path is chaotic and unclear with no direction or goal in sight. Until Mistress Enya Blake came to call with a task that could only be solved by making use of a specific set of skills that have made his name infamous among those that dwell in the shadows for centuries.

Now the rules of survival and engagement have changed. The chaotic path of confusion has finally changed shape and shown some direction. Now the Enforcer seeks to take his first steps along… The Path of Redemption.


Bryce Kreed even has his own soundtrack!

Review by SLH Reviews:

This debut novel will keep you panting for more. It’s incredible how the impossible seems to become possible through Mr. Tann’s writing. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, he would create something even more out of this world entertaining. This author absolutely has a gift for creating worlds of action and adventure; suspense and horror; paranormal romance and numerous occasions where I laughed out loud at the antics of Bryce Kreed.

Bryce Kreed: Enforcer, Badass Extraordinaire. Tasked with keeping the humans from finding out about all the things that go bump in the night.

Enya: Mistress of Pittsburgh. Is being hunted and requests Bryce Kreed personally to help keep her safe.

The action scenes are explosive! This book is bursting at the seams with fight scenes. The detail and description of each scene is amazing. There are no gaps in the storyline, it flowed smoothly. Then the author shows you the softer side of Bryce. I felt like I was right there with him during his retelling of his past. The love that blossoms between Bryce and Enya is so sweet and true. I really feel like I got to know Bryce Kreed and cannot wait to read the next book! Highly recommended by SLH Reviews!


Santa’s Naughty Elves features Lady Grinch by Bryan Tann


Miranda Clay is a tough, workaholic that takes her Loss Prevention position very seriously. Roland Jefferson was a young man that simply made a mistake. He lost seven years of his life due to Miranda’s unyielding dedication to her job. Now, Christmas seven years later, Roland is ready to get revenge. And to give Miranda a little gift that she’s been needing.


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Print Length: 198 pages
Publication Date: December 20, 2016

Are you looking for something warm on these cold winter nights? Well look no further! Seven steamy stories just for you!

A Krampus Kind of Christmas
Bryce Calderwood
Joss and her husband Bradley have a yearly Christmas ritual they think is a secret: they cheat on each other. But things are very different this year as they find themselves in Prague for her husband’s company Christmas party. Joss gets a very unexpected visitor. In the U.S., the only figure we really know of is Santa Claus, and it’s his job to reward the good little boys and girls with presents. But in Eastern Europe, there’s another tradition: an anti-Santa who punishes the bad children: a goat-headed demon by the name of Krampus. Joss has been very bad, you see, and Krampus knows all the best ways to punish her. She’s in for a Christmas Eve she’ll never forget!

Christmas Must Be Tonight
Ashlei Hawley
All she hoped for was to snag the ultimate Christmas gift for her band-obsessed brother. One sexy drummer is going to deliver that and so much more! Just when Celeste thinks she’s out of time to get some unique swag from her brother’s favorite band, the drummer from Beneath the Deep responds to her contact requests. Aibel is accommodating, polite, and sexy as all hell. This all-access holiday season is going to have hot action you won’t want to miss!

Kingle’s Nisse
Jessie Wrights
He haunted her every Christmas for over twenty years. Leaving lavish gifts and heart tearing letters that made it nearly impossible for other men to measure up. He never talked to her, Joyce rarely even got to see him, but the memory of when she caught him in her house when she was a child never faded. And now he has finally come to her with an offer of a night with him, a fantasy she has had ever since she was old enough to know what love was. But when the sun rises will Joyce be able to let him go? And more importantly, will he be able to leave her behind?

This Christmas
Alice La Roux
Noelle Kerstman hates the holidays. She normally spends her Christmas watching horror films and stuffing herself with junk food hiding away from the world. But this year life throws her into the path of Cole Anderson, a sinfully sexy businessman who’s determined to get her under his tree and naked this Christmas Eve. Will Noelle spend another holiday alone or will she embrace the undeniable chemistry they have together?

Santa’s Secret
Tracy Millosovich
After surviving a disastrous relationship, Angel moved out to the Big Apple, New York City, to start over. After graduating college and landing her dream job as a published Author years later, she thought her life was finally going right. Now that she had billionaire Michael Andrews at her side flaunting her with every piece of his delectable backside, she could finally forget her past. But her past is about to catch with her when her ex decides to crash her perfect Christmas and everything wonderful about Michael might not be as good as she thought. He’s hiding a secret that could end their love if her ex doesn’t end her first. Will she choose to stay and fight for the love she wants, or finally call it quits when Michael shows her all of him? Santa Michael may have the perfect presents, but these presents have strings.

Lady Grinch
Bryan Tann
Miranda Clay is a tough, workaholic that takes her Loss Prevention position very seriously. Roland Jefferson was a young man that simply made a mistake. He lost seven years of his life due to Miranda’s unyielding dedication to her job. Now, Christmas seven years later, Roland is ready to get revenge. And to give Miranda a little gift that she’s been needing.

The Christmas Eve Confession
K.M. Cox
Mary hated going back to her hometown for the holidays. Her mother was judgmental, using every moment she had to remind Mary of what a disappointment she was. And how she was going to hell for her sins. Mary didn’t expect this Christmas to be any different. But it will be.

Bryan Tann is in an anthology that includes Best Selling Author’s P. Mattern, Kindra Sowder and TJ Weeks called Painted Mayhem with his story A Father’s Love.


When his daughter is taken from him, there’s no depth that he won’t sink to to avenge her.

Painted Mayhem

Buy Digital Now for $4.99 or Paperback for $15.99

Print Length: 444 pages
Publication Date: March 5, 2016

This is an anthology based on killer clowns to help raise funds for those that suffer with PTSD. Authored by: TJ Weeks, Mark Tufo, Kindra Sowder, Armand Rosamilia, Jack Wallen, Ted Nulty, P. Mattern, S.P. Durnin, Mike Evans, Bryan Tann, Kris Weeks, Bobbi Payton, Eric A. Shelman, L. Bachman, Rina Jordan, Thomas Malafarinia, Saleh Radaideh, PM Barnes, Derrick LaCombe, Amber Fallon, Amy Alice, Jaime Johnesee, Windsor Potts, Claire C. Riley, Mark Mackey, Ashlei Hawley, Christine Sutton, Lisa Lane, David Moon & Lori Fontanez.
100% of royalties will go to Camp Hope to help those with PTSD.

Unfleshed Audiobook – Unabridged by TJ Weeks, S.K. Ballinger and narrated by Bryan Tann


Amazon Buy Link

Listening Length: 6 hours and 23 minutes Release Date: November 10, 2015

Adam Sheldon has an insatiable love that he would follow anywhere, even through the depths of hell. Some things aren’t what they seem as Adam learns that in hell, all things must be paid…in flesh.

Internal Anarchy: Poetry of an Existence Malcontent (Volume 1) by Bryan Tann


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Print Length: 58 pages
Publication Date: February 3, 2013

Bryan Tann, the author of the novel “The Enforcer” is sharing with you his inner most thoughts and feelings. Sometimes crass, but always full of heart and uncompromising emotion. Enter into the world of an “Existence Malcontent”.

What’s next for Bryan?

Bryan has signed an audio contract with Burning Willow Press to narrate Invincible Heart, Book One (for now)! Release TBD

He also has a book called Concussion: Release TBD
Unbreakable Mind: The John Baker Chronicles Book 2 TBD
jbc2 teaser

About Bryan:

Small Pic

Known for the Path of Redemption series and the John Baker Chronicles, Bryan also does voice overs and some audiobook narrations. Bryan A. Tann was born in Pittsburgh, PA and has lived in Western PA all of his life except for eight years in New England.

His debut novel “The Enforcer” was first written in 2007 and was originally self published in 2009 before being accepted by CH&BB Publishing in 2016 and published in early 2017.

Bryan lives a quiet life with his two cats while geeking with his friends. He’s got a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and by day he’s a security supervisor. He graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Creative Writing.

He used to sing in R&B groups and a Metal Punk Band. Bryan is also a movie fanatic! He proudly has close to 1100 DVD’s in his ever growing collection. His favorite shows are The Flash, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Legends of Tomorrow, Black-ish, Goldbergs, Lethal Weapon, The Walking Dead, Fraiser, Cheers, Friends and Z Nation. His ultimate goal is to live in a cabin in the woods. Or a Double Wide trailer in the middle of nowhere…so long as he can get Netflix…

And if he can’t have those things then he wants to be the weird guy that people politely call eccentric that won’t let anyone on his lawn.

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