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Author T. A. Moorman just recently signed with After Glows Publishing and currently, her book available is Resignation Letter (An Unfortunately True Short Story).

At 18 pages and currently free, you really have nothing to lose but in this readers opinion a whole lot to gain.

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The first in a serial series of non-fiction short stories of a life that has seen too much heartbreak.

Loving someone isn’t easy. Accepting the one you love may not love you back is even more difficult. Step into a world where more nightmares live than dreams. Sometimes, real life has even more drama than the most popular of soap operas.



Witch Wars: Underlayes Book One is scheduled for re-release September 12, 2017



Underlayes is another dimension where all sorts of nocturnal creatures reside; witches, vampires, fae, shifters, werewolves…… The dimension was created by all of these creatures working side by side to escape the scrutiny and danger to their very existence that stemmed from the human world. Humans tend to fear things they do not understand and tend to try and eliminate anything that they fear. Even though these nocturnal beings were actually humanoid themselves as well, just different, more enhanced, than their day bearing brethren… Amongst those beings lies a very powerful witch, Tialanna, who is to become the queen of all Underlayes witches. Thinking the worst part of her life was the fact that she was betrothed to a complete stranger while in love with someone else. She is in for a rude awakening when she discovers who, and what, she truly is. Tialanna is about to learn the truth behind several lies, because not only does her life depend on it, but so does the fate of the family she never even knew she had. But hey, life would probably just be boring if she didn’t have to deal with elemental witches, vampires, demons, sorcerers, bindings, spells and whatnot, right?

***This book is intended for mature audiences only as there will be both graphic violence and graphic sex.***


She wrote a novella called Wait, You Did What? in an anthology called Married: Wait. What? that’s due for release October 3, 2017.

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