Bryan Tann Review Opportunities

Ed and Livvy by Bryan Tann


Ed is miserably stuck in a loveless marriage and works a go-nowhere-job that makes him miserable out of a sense of loyalty.
Livvy is recently divorced and watches everyone around her get by despite her best efforts. Her heart is shattered and her life is empty.
Together they’ve decided no more.

Invincible Heart: The John Baker Chronicles: A Permutation Archives Division (The Permutation Archives Book 1) by Bryan Tann and Kindra Sowder (the spinoff to Kindra Sowder‘s Permutation Archives)


President Emerson King had John Baker created to capture or kill rebel “terrorist” Mila Hunter at all costs.
Unfortunately for the President, John’s HEART had other plans.

A Story of Bryce Kreed: The Enforcer: Dark Lands (The Path of Redemption Book 1) by Bryan Tann

enforcer cover small

For over two hundred years the powerful hands of Bryce Kreed have ended countless lives at the will of the Vampire Council.
The thrill of the hunt drove the mighty vampire warrior, causing him to become a ruthless, and violent killer whose acts were performed with no fear of any consequences, sending him down a path of eternal damnation.
Today, his path is chaotic and unclear with no direction or goal in sight. Until Mistress Enya Blake came to call with a task that could only be solved by making use of a specific set of skills that have made his name infamous among those that dwell in the shadows for centuries.
Now the rules of survival and engagement have changed. The chaotic path of confusion has finally changed shape and shown some direction. Now the Enforcer seeks to take his first steps along… The Path of Redemption.

A Story of Bryce Kreed: The Hunted: Dark Lands (The Path of Redemption Book 2) by Bryan Tann

hunted cover

Pittsburgh was just the beginning…
After thwarting the Blood Coven’s efforts to capture Enya Blake, Bryce Kreed knows that one defeat won’t be enough to stop their nefarious plans. The Coven’s vile ruler known simply as, The Liege, will not have his desire for Blake’s power quelled.
Even with his brother and Enya’s loyal bodyguard’s aid, Enforcer Kreed knows that their efforts may not be enough.
Enforcer Bryce Kreed will be something he hasn’t been in over three hundred years…The Hunted