Charles Lee Mullenix Review Opportunities

Block by Charles Lee Mullenix


Block. All writers get it, and Arthur Turk is no different. He is struggling to get his books published. With every idea he has, someone beats him to the presses with the same thoughts. Just when he thinks he has had enough and his frustrations start to consume him, he is approached by someone named Mayflower, a mysterious man who offers him a job writing for a local weekly periodical, a horror magazine. At the end of his luck, he takes the job. With each piece written, a strange coincidence of exacting events reveals as his work fills the newscasts within days in different parts of the world. After searching for the reasons why it could be happening, he finds something sinister at work in the little publication he is employed with. Are his stories fueled by evil and is his new editor-in-chief in league with Hell itself? For Arthur, time to redeem his soul is running out. Will his next story be his own?

The Future is Built on Ashes by Charles Lee Mullenix


R’hale is a warrior, an assassin, one of the last of his clan, and immortal compared to the mere humans. From before time was recorded he was there. Waiting for his journey to cross paths once more with the one he seeks to assassinate. What we know as humans is less than half of the truth. This eternal soul knows it all, he lived it all and now he is telling his tale. Through his timeless eyes, we see everything that has come to pass. God and the demons, the Ancients, and the rise and fall of mankind as we are taken on a journey of destruction. R’hale’s journey crosses paths with iconic creatures that were thought only myth, religious zealots, martyrs, and historical figures who all play an important role in the saga known to many as, “The Future is Built on Ashes.” Here is his story, the beginning…of the end.