Crossroads in the Dark Anthology Review Opportunities

Crossroads in the Dark: Anthology of Morality

crossroads in the dark cover

By Frank Martin ~ Samantha Alexandra ~ Edward Kenyon ~ Ellen Denton ~ D.M. Slate ~ David Owain Hughes ~ Shaun Phelps ~ C.C. Adams ~ Jonathan Shipley ~ AJ Brown ~ Alice J. Black ~ JC Michael ~ Adrian Ludens ~ Sergio Palumbo ~ Peter Wonder ~ Audrey Brice ~ Lisa Lepovetsky ~ Carl Alves ~ Kevin Bannigan Jr. ~ Richard Farren Barber ~ Donna Marie West ~ Veronica Smith ~ John Pham ~ Edd Sowder

How many lives would you say matter to You? How much would you take for yourself to merely get by if it were free? At what cost would you allow someone other than yourself to succeed, to prosper, and to get ahead? What would you sacrifice to help someone less fortunate?
When the stakes are at their highest and the line you must cross could end up being the one that ends your life what are you willing to Do?
This collection of stories tests boundaries of your vulnerabilities, the human will to survive, and the facade we put on for the rest of the world.
“Crossroads in the Dark” probes the darkest parts of the soul with over 20 tales of the macabre, making you ask…
What would you Do?

Crossroads in the Dark 2: Urban Legends


Introduction “Inclusion” by Edd Sowder ~ Foreword by Kerry Alan Denney ~ The Game by Kevin Wimer ~ The Trusted by Samantha Alexandra ~ Possession of the Hexham Heads by L. M. Barrett ~ Site 48 by T. J. Weeks ~ Tommy’s Bend by David Owain Hughes ~ A Farmhouse Haunting by L. Bachman ~ Pump One by Richard Farren Barber ~ The Scarlet Cloak by Karen Bovenmyer ~ The Yonder by R.M. Warren ~ Forfeit Tissue by C. C. Adams ~ Plague by T. Joseph Browder ~ The Whispering Tree by Glenn Damien Campbell ~ Sleep Tight by Brian Murray ~ The Miners by Alice J. Black ~ The Legend of Sugisawa Village by Michael Arnold ~ Sweet Dreams by Jonathan Shipley ~ Cemetery Mountain by Jay Michael Wright II ~ Send in the Clowns by Kerry Alan Denney ~ Dream Sequence by S. L. Perrine ~ Friend Request by Frank Martin ~ Eigengrau by Michael Schutz ~ Pigman Road by W. T. Watson ~ The Goatman by Mark Reefe ~ Sad Sarah by Carl Alves ~ Urban Legend (With a Modern Twist) by Donna Marie West ~ Night Hunt by L. D. Ricard ~ Shadow Ink by Aziza Sphinx ~ The King of Hollywood by MJ Kobernus ~ Slow Gurgling Under Water by Sergio Palumbo ~ The Dark Forest by James Master ~ The Spirited Children by S. L. Kerns ~ Severed Attachments by Jonathan Edward Ondrashek

32 tales…32 storytellers with a twisted mind to entice you.
When you were younger, the stories told around the campfire were the best you had ever heard. The bedtime stories our elders would tell us were the ones that put us to sleep but the campfire was where you got the chills to stay up because of every sound the woods made at night. It is hard to believe in a world where things do not get creepier at night or the world does not come more to life at dusk. Where the world gets just a little unhinged in the dark.
Urban Legends is a collection with some of today’s up and coming authors in the indie world. Giving you their takes on the tales they grew up with…legends of mystery, of the macabre, of horror, designed to make the hairs on your neck stand alert and your skin crawl. You know some of the stories but do you know the twisted minds of the author telling the tale? Make sure you keep the lights on…things get harder to wrap your thoughts around at the Crossroads in the Dark.

Crossroads In The Dark 3: Monsters Under Your Bed

Introduction by Edd Sowder, Foreword by Jason White, The Ballad of Priscilla & Persephone by Jay Michael Wright II, The Monster Down Under by Loraine Van Tonder, Ice Cream for a Queen by CC Adams, Where You’re Resting by James Crawford, The Boogieman by Kevin Wimer, The Man in the Cul-de-sac by Veronica Smith, Ugly as Sin by SL Kerns, Unreliable by James Master, The Body Snatchers by Samantha Alexandra, Bedroom Visitors by WT Watson, We Will Not Be Lost by Nicole Thorn, The Scourge by Kerry Alan Denney, Come Play with Me by SL Perrine, Consumption by Ryan Lieske, Death’s Agenda by Mirren Hogan, Demon in the Congregation by Jonathan Shipley, Just Underneath by L Bachman, Served with Jersey Royals by Brian G Murray, Monster by Michael Schutz, Monster in the Dark by Frank Martin, Dedication Rite by Audrey Brice, Oh, Shit! by Peter Oliver Wonder, A Full Wolf Moon by LD Ricard, 28 Days in November by D.M. Slate, Skin Snatchers by WJR Parks, Bonus: Tainted Love by Joseph J. Madden, Epilogue by L Bachman.

All proceeds go towards the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome for help in finding better treatments and one day, a cure.
A new journey to the Crossroads: our childhood fears ripped apart the fabric of our reality. Others called it make-believe, because, there’s no such thing as monsters. Right?
The monsters that were lurking under our beds when we were children. How many nights did we lie awake and pray for daylight? We snuggled next to Teddy bears, curled up under makeshift blanket tents, and prayed for our night lights to banish the shadows.
Did those monsters really exist or were they fabrications of our overactive imaginations? Nobody knows except us… and the monsters. During those childhood years, they crept out from the darkness under our beds and scraped their claws at the bedsheets. Never to be seen in the morning light. As we grew up, they changed along with us but they never went away.
They were never believed in…except by those held hostage, when nightfall came once more.