James Crawford Review Opportunities

Manleigh Cheese by James Crawford


What men do not know is that bargains, deals and a simple invitation are sometimes more than they appear. Logan Manleigh and his crew of the food truck, Manleigh Cheese, accept an invitation to help cater the White House, with no questions asked. Such an offer is not to be turned down. It is exactly what Logan needs…press coverage, notoriety and the key to future success. It wasn’t supposed to be a deal gone wrong between the President’s staff and a villain from the underworld. It was supposed to be a catered event with a profit to keep him in business for a long time to come. But before Logan and the crew knew what was going on, they are wrapped up in a twisted game full of evil and deadly supernatural forces where the piper must be paid, in blood…and he’s coming for all of them, if the government doesn’t get them first.