Josh Matthews Review Opportunities

Hell Gate by Josh Matthews

Hell Gate (Book 1) Cover

Sixteen-year-old Jason is living a nightmare within a nightmare. He is trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by demons from another realm, but it was his mother who opened the door in her experiment gone wrong.
In a last ditch effort to redeem his family name and unload his guilt, he joins a squad whose mission is to destroy the Hell spawn around Mont St. Michel.
When his team arrives in Paris to close the Hell Gate they discover an environment more frightening than anything they could imagine and demons more terrifying than they had ever encountered before.
Time is now racing against them.
Can he gain his redemption along with the respect of his peers or will a new web of lies threaten to rip apart his world and jeopardize his team’s only chance for success?

Wasteland in Red Square by Josh Matthews

Wasteland in Red Square (Hell Gate Book 2) Cover

With the successful closure of the Hell Gate in Paris, Jason McCreary decides to take his team on an expedition around the world to close the remaining four portals. After recruiting new members and preparing the remaining antimatter devices, the set off to their first destination: Russia.
The journey takes Jason’s team through the barren wasteland that was once Europe. They meet allies who are anxious to help in their quest, including an unexpected friend from the past. They also encounter Hell Spawn more ferocious than anything dealt with before.
The prospect for success seems promising until Jason encounters an unexpected situation that jeopardizes the completion of his plan. Will he be able to overcome the crisis, or will his quest close the Hell Gates end prematurely?