Sarah Dale Review Opportunities

We could be Heroes by Sarah Dale (fantasy about animals coming to save humanity)

we could be heroes

A typical morning romp at the dog park turns into a battle to survive and opens up a whole new world for Kate and her pack. Called by Goddesses from Ancient Myth, Humans and Others have joined forces to protect the developing sentience of the Earth. Kate’s fiery and adventurous daughter, Olivia, jumps at the chance to be a warrior in this battle, but is Kate ready to become a hero?

Encouraged by Jane and Seymour, Kate’s friends and long-time members of the Called, Kate must discover for herself if this is an adventure on which she will choose to embark. To that end, she is introduced to Tony; Army veteran, environmental protector, pack leader and completely unexpected love interest.

When an enemy from another planet, bent on precipitating chaos, threatens the life of Coby Jackson, young son of Kate’s dear friends Clay and Nerissa, courage becomes imperative. Kate accepts the call, and not a moment too soon as both Coby and Jane are kidnapped and Kate and the pack must mount a rescue.