TJ Weeks Review Opportunities

Obsessed with the Kill: Abdul Uncut by TJ Weeks


(Be advised this book is very graphic and has scenes of rape and mutilations in it.)
Allison Dane and her friends take a trip to Europe for a graduation ski trip. With so much scenery and the beautiful mountains surrounding the little town they visit, it is no wonder the enchantment of this snowy paradise mesmerizes them. Every twist and turn has a hidden danger and in a distant cave far from the safety of town, a real threat.
Now, abducted, and tortured, what should be a lasting memory becomes a nightmare fight to survive. Her struggle to live is just the beginning. Her tormentor has sinister plans for her.
Will Allison make it back to the safest place she knows, her hometown in Texas? Or will she become another victim for Abdul Ahab? A man on a mission. A man, Obsessed with the Kill.