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Moonstruck: Sunshine told from Myles’ point of view (The Moonstruck Series Book 1) by Nikki Rae #OneClickNow





Myles Lott left this town ten years ago. He never wanted to come back unless he had to. Now he has to. Sophie Jean, the girl he was supposed to protect from monsters of his world, has finally grown up. She’s familiar with monsters, just not vampires like him. Hers are harder to defeat; they’re in her own mind. Myles has returned to protect her and nothing more, but his feelings for Sophie develop quicker than he ever could have imagined. Torn between their worlds, Myles must fight for the girl he’s loved all along without causing any more damage. Unfortunately, a past enemy has other plans.
Ariel’s #Review

All I could do was smile while reading this book. I have the complete Sunshine Series in paperback, oh, it has such a beautiful cover, but now, It’s as if it’s all been refreshed in my mind, something like a homecoming. The pretty colors make sense now. Two beautiful, broken souls, destined, share the same monster, and together they must face it, however, monsters are real and others you can’t see. It’s terrifying, thrilling, and so not cliche romantic. Myles’ POV really does answer some of those burning questions and I know I’ve said this before, Myles is one of my favorite vampires, EVER. Myles’ love for Sophie is so damn unwavering. #Swoon This book is in my top 10 for this year, I’m hoping the Author does each book in his POV, I’m going to gobble them up. I’d like more, please.