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Emeralds and Fire (The Tienimi Club Series Book 1) by Aurelia Fray

Emeralds Kindle Cover
For those still seeking the destination.
Don’t forget to appreciate the journey. It is all the little things that happen along the way that make it all worthwhile and leave us with memories we can keep for a lifetime.
“Quite by chance, the private message from Tienimi appeared in the CEO’s business inbox precisely when she needed to arrange her vacation. If she read the message at any other time she would have disregarded it immediately, but it showed up when she needed it most. When she was angry and insecure and felt an overwhelming pressure from the company to take her annual leave. She never dreamt they would reply, so to say she was shocked when the sleek chocolate-brown envelope showed up in her tray was a gross understatement. Tienimi was not the kind of place people like her frequented. Not the kind of place people like her could afford either. It was going to break the bank. Still, she convinced herself that she deserved a blowout; she would treat herself to one last splurge before she was forced to tighten the purse strings again…Thank you for your application, Ms. McGrath. We are pleased to confirm your booking and temporary membership. Your tickets and passes are being couriered to you as we speak. We look forward to meeting you. Safe travels and thank you for choosing Tienimi. The Tienimi team.”
So begins a most unusual and exciting journey for hard-working, overachiever at work, and extremely nice Executive Personal Assistant Ms. Jane McGrath who will be a temporary member and guest of the most exclusive and mysterious Tienimi resort – playground of the world’s most richest and elite. Darling Reader, you will be taking this journey along with her and oh my the steamy and spicy situations Jane gets into. Questions that will be answered along the way:
Will she have a job with Blake, Wilson and Sachs after her vacation? Just exactly who is the new CEO – Mr. C. Blake? Why did the elusive Mr. Blake insist Jane take a vacation during the changeover from Daniel Wilson CEO?
This is the first book I have ever read by the author – Aurelia Fray – and I am most impressed with her way with words! The scenes and terminology were realistic to present-day. The flow of the plot was perfect for a contemporary romantic-comedy, with characters well-developed with human flaws and quirks. Ms. Fray’s scenic descriptions aided the reader to really sense they were at the lush Tienimi resort.
Eternally, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Darling Reader.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I am Enthusiastic about this book
and I ardently advise you, Dearest Reader to buy this book.
Sapphires and Songs (The Tienimi Club Series Book 2) by Aurelia Fray
Sapphires and Songs Kindle Cover
For all those who fall at that first glance.
“The resort ran on a color system that identified the kind of involvement members were comfortable with, Staff wore blue sapphires mostly – new members or those seeking solitude wore green emeralds, those open for making friends wore yellow topaz and the more adventurous members stood out in brilliant red rubies. Each kept to their own groups, as per the rules, and all of them knew to obey said rules by identifying themselves via a bracelet at all times. Because of my age, all ruby interaction was strictly off-limits and that was the major hiccup this shrink was stumbling over. “I have merely a matter of days until my twenty-first birthday, Might I propose a training period where I shadow other companions or perhaps fill in for particular activities where age is irrelevant? Of perhaps be assigned to members of a similar age?” And BAM that was my plan in a nutshell. The girl I was obsessed with was younger than me by three months. If she was coming to the island, as I suspected she would be, I would be the most suitable candidate for companionship because I was of similar age. “I will hand you over to one of our more experienced liaisons for training with a few restrictions, of course, and we will see how you get on.” “Thank you.” “Oh, and Mr. Hale?” “Hmm?” “Do not even think about breaking the age laws for any member or purpose whatsoever. If you do, it will be an immediate dismissal. Do you understand?” “Of course! I wouldn’t dream of it.”
This is the fruition of an year-long quest to locate a girl that a boy fell in love with at first sight! Mr. Josh Fletcher, five (5) % owner of the resort thanks to his mother’s inheritance, is undercover as Mr. Josh Hale, and took on the role of a new staff member at the most exclusive and mysterious Tienimi Club – a select resort and playground of the world’s most richest and elite. He wanted to find Penelope, a girl whom he first saw at his first visit to Tienimi Club.
Gorgeous Bookworm, you will be taking this trip along with him and oh my the hilarious situations Josh gets into. Questions that will be answered along the way:
Will he find his true love – Penelope? What lengths will he go to in order to interact with her to see if what he feels is still real – or just a love-sick day dream? Who is this girl Blue? Why does Josh seem to be distracted by her?
I really enjoyed the tableaus and jargon, the flow of the plot was fluid and just right for a contemporary romantic-comedy, with characters well-developed with human failings and peculiarities. Ms. Fray’s picturesque narratives abetted the reader to truly sense they were at the plush Tienimi Club.
Everlastingly, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Sweet Reader.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I am Passionate about this book
and I highly recommend you, Darling Bibliophile buy this book.
Topaz and Tides (The Tienimi Club Series Book 3) Aurelia Fray
Topaz and Tides Kindle cover
For those who seek someone to fight for.
“It always annoyed her that anxiety would crush her in the rare moments of peace. It always hit right out of the blue and with no apparent cause like delayed shock and she wondered whether her attacks were always going to plague her. Would she be surrounded by good things one day and then have her happiness eaten into by the ghosts of her past? She took a second to register that fact that she really did want happiness. She inherently knew that she could have it one day and that in itself was a complete leap forward in thinking. She spent so long dwelling in the misery of her life and convincing herself that Donovan was her happiness that she wasn’t sure she even knew what genuine happiness was anymore. It seemed a little ironic that she made this positive development in the aftermath of an anxiety episode but, despite that fact that she was naked, cold and hiding in a holiday resort, Harry finally felt like she was on the right track. She smiled a tired but genuine smile which echoed back at her from her reflection in the shower door.”
This is the start of a journey for Ms. Harriet (Harry) Fairbanks, old friend and guest of Miss Penelope Littleton, part-owner of the most exclusive and mysterious Tienimi Club – a select resort and playground of the world’s most richest and elite.
She was escaping her abusive ex-boyfriend Donovan in England; together for about six years on and off, with the last two years of their relationship shrouded in physical, psychological, emotional, and verbal abuse.
Gorgeous Bookworm, you will be taking this journey in healing along with her and the sweet and uplifting, at times funny, circumstances she experiences. Questions that will be answered along the way:
Will Harry finally let go of the ghosts from her past? Will she find true love at Tienimi? Will Josh and Penny help or hinder Harry? Will Harry finally find the strength within herself to love and live an truly authentic life?
I absolutely loved how the Hawaiian culture and customs flavored this story.
With such lush, and photographic descriptions of the flora and fauna of the island as well as the insight of Josh’s background. I love how with each book in this Tienimi Club Series, characters from previous books continue to interact together. The continuity of this really adds to each plot point and draws the reader deeper into the Tienimi Club family.
Always, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Gentle Reader.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I am Enthusiastic about this book
and I favorably propose you, Bodacious Bookworm buy this book.
*Trigger warning – there are a few scenes with physical and verbal abuse in this book, and it is handled with grace and is appropriate to the story.
Rubies and Silk (The Tienimi Club Series Book 4) by Aurelia Fray

Rubies Kindle Quality

For all those who hold out for the one.
“What if I had an idea?” “What kind of idea? The last bright idea you had ended in your fraudulently signing up to a singles resort and nearly performing in a live sex show for charity.” Jane blushed at Milly’s words but waved them away with a flicking gesture of her hand. It was completely true of course, and Jane was totally unprepared for the situation she walked into that night at Tienimi’s Chase Bar.(Emeralds and Fire, The Tienimi Club Series, Book 1). “Yes, but I also met you and Chris and fell in love and changed my life so I think it was a really great idea. I’m good at this thinking stuff, Milly, trust me.” Jane grinned confidently.
“Famous last words, “ Milly grumbled. “Fine, what’s the plan?” “Tienimi.” “That’s not a plan, that’s a place.”…
“I know but you all have to go back for the director’s meeting next weekend.”
“What if you stayed on for a couple of weeks? I could fly out and meet you with a few of the girls and we could make the most of the last weeks of the season. I missed the luau last time and the fireworks and the staff performances. Come on, Milly, it will be fun. We can send the boys back early and stay out there. Please, Milly?” Jane clapped her hands together and bounced up and down excitedly, shoving Milly further into the jagged springs of the sofa’s failed cushioning. Milly quickly put her cup down on the nearby table to avoid a scalding from all of Jane’s bouncing around. “Do you even remember how much protection you needed last time you were there?” Milly grumbled lifting her sore butt away from the springs and rubbing it better.
“Yeah, but I was completely innocent about what went on there. I know better now. I might even have graduated to a topaz player. Come on what do you say?”…
“Fine. Book it.” Milly gave in. It probably wasn’t going to be any different to every previous year but being with friends instead of the overbearing Blake boys might make it a little more like a vacation and a lot less like work.”
Jane would go on to make all of the arrangements – but, just what kind of arrangements for entertainment did Jane have in mind? Would Milly finally meet a man to set her world on fire? Could Milly let go of the past and allow her heart to open? Would this vacation at Tienimi be a success or a failure?
All of these burning questions, and more will be answered in this steamy and spicy romantic tale!
So excited to see returning characters from the previous books in The Tienimi Club Series interacting together again, their relationships have grown and changed with time – very realistic! Once Again our Authoress – Ms. Fray has dipped her pen into magic ink to paint a lush and exotic landscape of Hawaiian island panoramas.
Evermore, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Beautiful Booklover.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I Simply Adore this book
and I caringly counsel you, Darling Reader to buy this new series.
Diamonds and Pearls (The Tienimi Club Series Book 5) Kindle Edition by Aurelia Fray

Kindie size diamonds

For all those looking for a Cinderella moment.
Ms. Daryl Chambers, Insurance Risk Assessor from Gleeshal and Eversteen for The Tienimi Club, was experiencing a very difficult day. Thanks to the “non-gender-specific nature of her name”- the staff at Tienimi expected a Man!
After a humorously detailed adventure (I will not explain about it here – Dearest Bookworm – You Must Experience It For Yourself!)
She finally made it to her destination and would get a chance to put the entire day behind her with a hot bath and a cold beer – at one of the owner’s villa’s instead of one of the men’s staff apartments. BUT – Mr. Cameron Blake – Cam – who she was assigned to liaison with at Tienimi might just put a monkey-wrench into the works –
“He was young, my age or a year or two older perhaps, gloriously tanned with soft light brown, almost blonde, hair that obscured his bright blue eyes. His features were chiseled and he gave off a sporty vibe, fit and toned. Not my type. Well, actually, exactly my type; the type that would never look at me twice, not with my over-sized ass, bulging breasts and love handles that wouldn’t look out of place on a trophy, I was a bit rounded than other women and was generally overlooked by handsome men because of it.”
Will Cam and Daryl keep their relationship “Strictly Professional?” OR will sparks fly and ignite a raging fire between the two? Can Cam rise to the occasion and not screw-up? Will Daryl complete her insurance risk assessment of Tienimi in a timely manner? These questions and more will be answered with this tantalizing tale of contemporary romance.
This is the Book 5 and the final one in the Tienimi Club Series. Wonderful Authoress Ms. Fray outdoes herself by tying up loose ends and giving the reader a Fantastic, rip-roaring ride of a Great Read!
The description alone of the journey from the airport in Hawaii to The Tienimi Club for Ms. Daryl Chambers had me laughing so hard – tears were falling and my stomach was hurting from the deep belly laughs. The wonderful characters continued to grow and learn from life – realistic. The pace was fast – Yet, I did not want this series to end – I came to care about ALL of the characters and their lives.
Forever, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Gorgeous Reader.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I have each book in this Simply Outstanding Series!
I passionately propose that you, Bodacious Bookworm buy this Entire Series.
Ugly Girl: A Fantasy Adventure Based in French Folklore (Faite Falling Book 1) by Mary E. Twomey

Ugly Girl
Faîte Falling is an 11-Part Urban Fantasy Series based in French Folklore.
“The atmosphere in the noisy bar was just starting to hit its sweet spot, with the blaring music enticing the college crowd to remember everything that was good about being young and away from home. We frequently came here after I finished a soccer game, yet somehow there were always a couple guys drunk enough to challenge us, even though we were undefeated at pool…but a few people on the fringes gave us weird looks.
Me. They gave me weird looks. Not that I could blame them. I had scoliosis, which resulted in a pretty sizable hump on my back. Pair that with my lazy left eye, and I was ripe for receiving at least one grimace a day. One of my stellar nicknames in high school had been Baby Got Too Much Back. The other one was Crater Face, due to the painful acne that never went away. Judah was my other half because he’d never once looked at me like I was the ugly girl, and I’d never teased him about being super into Star Trek, spending his entire life at the top of the curve or being Jewish.”
This quote introduces us to two characters for this series: Ms. Rosie (Ro) Avalon and her best friend Judah. This is the beginning of a new 11 part series entitled the Faîte Falling Series by Mary E. Twomey. The author uses in-depth research on French culture and folklore in exploring how “incredible the French are, and how rich they make literature.” Ms. Twomey goes on to state that “each title of this 11-part series is a nasty name we call ourselves when we’re turned around. One of the big themes in this series is knowing who you are, and how positive self-talk can change the trajectory of your fate.”
The pace of this new book was fluid, Fantastical French mythical beings with amazing powers interwoven with American human every-day reality, suspenseful scenes tinged with humorous bantering between the very well-developed characters to lighten their perilous passage. Additionally, we will be meeting along Rosie Avalon’s journey some French Canadian animals and a French Creole demigod, to name a few of the Fantastical French classic creatures.
Once again, I will not reveal ANY spoilers, Dearest Reader as I wish for you to relish the Beginning of such a Mind-blowing Journey for a new heroine: Ms. Rosie Avalon.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I Thoroughly Enjoyed this Fantastical French Fable and I passionately advise you, Dear Reader to Please check out this new series.
Lost Girl: A Fantasy Adventure Based in French Folklore (Faite Falling Book 2) by Mary E. Twomey

Faîte Falling is an 11-Part Urban Fantasy Series based in French Folklore.
“Draper and I were starting to become friends. He stuck by my side or Lane’s almost the entire time, except when he had business to attend to. Then he’d come back fumbling and embarrassed, needing his cigar to calm his nerves. I could tell he was worried we’d be so mad at him that we’d leave, but I’d never had a brother before, and wouldn’t give him up without a fight. I educated him all about modern cars, and he taught me a new card game I’d never heard of called Barbu. Icompletely sucked at it, but neither of us cared. We were just happy to play together. He treated me like I was five, which, after being yanked from my life with little say in anything after that, didn’t feel patronizing. It felt like we were both trying to be extra kind to each other to make up for lost time, and to pay respect to the long roads that somehow led us to playing cards together, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Plus, I could tell he needed someone to baby; poor guy was so turned around.”
This quote shows the beginning of bonding between Ms. Rosie (Ro) Avalon and her adopted big brother and first cousin Draper (Duke Henri’s oldest son, who was banished). This is the second book in the 11 part series entitled the Faîte Falling Series by Mary E. Twomey. According to the author: One of the big themes in this series is knowing who you are, and how positive self-talk can change the trajectory of your fate.”
The flow of book two was fluid, with continued incidents colored with droll discourse among the fantastically well-rounded characters to ease their dangerous expedition. My mind was blown by the curves and circles!
As Always, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Darling Reader as I wish for you to relish the Continuing Journey of a new heroine: Ms. Rosie Avalon.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I Absolutely Adored this Fantastical French Fable and I ardently advise you, Dearest Reader to buy this new series.
Rich Girl: A Fantasy Adventure Based in French Folklore (Faite Falling Book 3) by Mary E. Twomey
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Rich Girl
Faîte Falling is an 11-Part Urban Fantasy Series based in French Folklore.
“Morgan’s voice was composed and even, lower in tone than mine. I wondered if she’d ever considered becoming a jazz singer. “Duchess Elaine of Province 9 confirmed that you are the child she stole. Have you anything to say to that?”
I worried that when I opened my mouth, a frog might pop out. There were a dozen soldiers lining the walls of the throne room, plus one official-looking dude to the side near the base of the throne, and his page boy, all staring at me with wide eyes. Why wouldn’t they be here? Totally normal to be well-guarded when meeting your daughter for the first time in twenty-one years. “Um, yeah. Lane raised me up in Common. I only just found out about you and Avalon and all of it, so here I am. Thought we should meet each other. Maybe you could stop sending people to try and abduct me. I didn’t see much of a point in pulling punches. She hadn’t welcomed me with opened arms, and the sting of her first words to me were still fresh. “Get that filthy peasant out of my castle,” was hard to bounce back from. But what mother-daughter relationship didn’t suffer a little turbulence from time to time?”
This quote shows the first meeting between Ms. Rosie (Ro) Avalon and her biological mother Queen Morgan la Fae. This is the third book in the 11 part series entitled the Faîte Falling Series by Mary E. Twomey. According to the author: One of the big themes in this series is knowing who you are, and how positive self-talk can change the trajectory of your fate.”
Book three was darker and scarier in tone, with more verbal abuse and physical violence – which was appropriate to the story. However, there were continued incidents colored with droll discourse among the fantastically well-rounded characters to ease the tension. My mind was blown by the curves and circles!
Eternally, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Darling Reader as I wish for you to relish the Continuing Journey of a new heroine: Ms. Rosie Avalon.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I Absolutely Adored this Fantastical French Fable and I ardently advise you, Dearest Reader to buy this new series.
Stupid Girl: A Fantasy Adventure Based in French Folklore (Faite Falling Book 4) by Mary E. Twomey

stupid girl
Faîte Falling is an 11-Part Urban Fantasy Series based in French Folklore.
I usually begin my reviews of this series with a quote to whet the Beautiful Bookworm’s appetite – However I find that I could not focus on just one quote for this book!
So, I will elaborate a bit on the courage and tenacity that Rosie showed with her brain and spirit while she was being punished by her mother. The way author Mary E. Twomey, crafted this part of the book was authentic, heartbreaking, beautiful, haunting, and really gave the reader a keen insight on how Rosie’s learning disability had such a negative impact on her formative years. Yet, Rosie utilizes the coping mechanisms she developed to be able to hold on to her sanity while enduring this physical and psychological punishment.
I Tip My Hat to Ms. Twomey!
Book four was also bleaker and creepier in timbre, with more physiological and physical brutality – which was applicable to the narrative. Nevertheless, there were continued episodes painted with amusing dialogue among the tremendously well-rounded characters to relieve the strain.
Evermore, I will not divulge ANY spoilers, Dear Reader as I wish for you to relish the Continuing Journey of a new heroine: Ms. Rosie Avalon.
I gave this book five (5) stars as I Unequivocally Cherished this Fantastical French Fable and I passionately counsel you, Dearest Reader to buy this new series.
The Awakening (The Elders Trilogy Book 1) by TL Travis

“It’s the final stretch of my senior year at Sequoia High School in Surprise, Arizona. Yeah, great, I live in Surprise – whoo hoo. It was a big ‘surprise’ to me when my parents announced two years ago, at the beginning of my sophomore year that we were moving from Michigan to the beautiful brown town of Surprise. Strategically located in the desert of Arizona. Nothing but cacti grow because it’s too damn hot. The cities pay you to put rock in your yard and what’s really crazy is people paint the rocks green to psyche themselves into thinking it’s grass… I’ve never felt like I belonged here, or anywhere for that matter. Not in this school with these kids, not even within my own family. The girls here are tan and thin, and then there’s me — Casper pale with $*!+ brown hair and hazel eyes, whoop-de-freaking-doo. Never will I stand out in a crowd. There’s literally nothing special about me. Fashion is my nemesis. I’m happy wearing jeans and t-shirts. Throw in some tennis shoes or even better, flip flops, and I’m good to go — simplicity at its finest.” Travis, TL. The Awakening (Kindle Locations 174-178,182-186).
This first book in The Elder’s Trilogy takes us on Jessica Cartwright’s journey to discovering what the world looks like from the vantage point of being a newly minted high school graduate in America in present day. She is at that point in life where she is going to question the status quo – not every person needs to go to college to be successful – or do they?
The plot pace was elegant and sinuous; the characters were authentic and yet at the same time mysterious – Did Jessica really find her soulmate in Kindergarten? Or will David Cordova just break her heart? Alas, Beautiful Bookworm – I’ll never tell, I do not post spoilers in my reviews.
All I know for sure is that I am anxiously waiting for Book 2 in The Elder’s Trilogy to be published so that I can continue on Jessica Cartwright’s life journey! I give this book 5 Stars and highly recommend you purchase this, Darling Reader for your own personal library.
Trigger Warning: Without giving away any spoilers, I need to warn you there are two attempted rape scenes. Please note the key word is “attempted.”
The Elders Trilogy (Paranormal):
“The Awakening” (MF) 10/ 13/ 17
“Life or death” coming (MF/ MM) 10/ 13/ 18
“Resurrection” (trilogy finale) 10/ 13/ 19
Truck Stop Trouble: A Muscles and Tattoos Bad Boy Romance by Peter Presley

“It’s dark and long past midnight. I’m driving my truck across state lines, like I usually do. The only other vehicles on the road at this time of night are other trucks. While I’m driving, I sometimes look up at the dark sky, because one of my favorite things to do when I’m on the road is to stare at the moon. I can’t explain to you what I see tonight. I mean, I can try, but I’ll probably fail. I’m not that great with words. All I can say is that this evening, the moon is larger than I’ve ever seen it. In fact, right now I feel like I’m in a science fiction movie with this crazy big moon following me. I’ve been a trucker going on six years now, and there is no other life I’d rather have. People ask me how I can do this job. They’ll ask me if I ever get lonely or if I ever get sick of sleeping in my truck or if I ever get tired of eating in diners. That’s just some of the shit they ask me; I can’t remember them all. It doesn’t bother me though, and I realize some folks wouldn’t want to do what I do. They don’t get that I love getting behind the wheel and going from place to place, but I can’t just get in a car and drive, I need to make a living too. So what better way to do that than by being a trucker? Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy job. I lift some heavy stuff, and I worry about getting injured, but I’m not one of those people who can work in an office all day. I’d go crazy if I had to do that.”
“Oh, my God! This day sucks so badly. First of all, my feet are killing me. Why did I wear these shoes today? I bought them on sale, telling myself that I had to have them because they were just sooo cute. I do that way too much. It’s not that they’re too high or anything for cocktail waitressing. They’ve got a short heel, and ordinarily, they would be comfortable. But, they’re new, and they’re obviously shoes I need to break in. I don’t need to be doing it while I’m working. I’m such a dumba$$ sometimes. Second of all, I’ve only made 50 bucks so far today. Now, you may think that’s pretty good, but not for this place. I’ve been working for four hours. Usually, I’d have about 100 bucks by now, even with three of us working the floor. It’s not even that its dead in the casino, it’s just that I happen to be serving people who are just plain cheap a$$es today. Sometimes that happens. Cocktail waitressing at this casino is pretty good money, but when you rely on tips, nothing is certain.”
This is a quick, fun read!
The author applies first person voice and switches it up with the male lead, Buck Hamilton and the female lead, Fiona Little, telling their tale every other chapter. I thought this format was fantastic and truthfully offered the reader with a more in-depth look into each character’s inner life. This would be a Blue-Collar, Working-Person’s Romance as we have a long-distance trucker and a cocktail waitress involved and a more realistic-viewpoint to every-day American life.
Beautiful Bookworm, I Never reveal ANY spoilers in my reviews as I wish for you to discover the joys of each Terrific Tale for yourself. I warmly recommend you purchase this book for your home library.
Published: November 28th, 2017
Genre: Bad Boy Romance, Blue-Collar Working Person’s Romance, and Women’s Adventure
Format: e-book kindle, Prime paperback
Available at: Amazon.com, Apple i-Books, Barnes and Noble nook, Kobo, and Goodreads
Shallow: An Enemies To Lovers Romance by Cora Kenborn

This is the first story I have ever read by Cora Kenborn and I was enthralled!
She devised alternating every other chapter in the point of view of the two main characters, which gave the reader a more in-depth look into Ms. Shiloh West and Mr. Carrick (Cary) Kincaid’s inner thoughts, psyche, and motivation. Plus, the flashbacks to lay the groundwork of the interplay between the two main characters were managed with aplomb.
The pace of the book was fluid and yet at times it was jarring, with the ominous passions that each flawed yet well-developed character was experiencing. Stressed suspense, artful and delicious descriptive details, one felt like one was actually a fly-on-the-wall.
Here is just a nosh:
They’re funny things.
Sometimes when we’re all dressed up and painted to perfection, they reflect an image everyone tries to emulate. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I love them. I walk by them and stare at myself, occasionally shocked at the woman looking back at me – Shiloh West. The one who’s in demand all over the world for the image they’ve created.
Other times I catch a glimpse of the coastal country girl who still hides inside the desired woman. The bitch everyone hated because all they saw was a vapid waste of space.
Dearest Reader, I never provide spoilers in any of my reviews – I choose to allow you to discover the wonder and joy of each story I review on your own. I hold too much respect for you Beautiful Booklover, as I am a voracious reader myself!
If you like to be taken on a roller-coaster-ride, twists and turns, transported to a life one can only read about – “The Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous” – then this is the novel for you!
Witch Wars (The Underlayes Book 1) by T.A. Moorman

This is the first story I have ever read by T. A. Moorman and I was Bewitched!
Here is a Tantalizing Tid-bit to Savor:
“A wicked grin began spreading across my lips. “This, I can do.” When Bran arrived, I had on a pair of tight red leather pants, slits on both legs coming up to my knees. Red, knee-high combat boots with small diamond skulls going up the sides, with a five-inch steel stiletto heel. A sheer, white, long-sleeved blouse, with a V-neck all the way down to my waist band, over a red sequined halter to seal the deal. Borderline sleazy, yet very sexy. “Are you ready?” he asked, still looking nervous, like some human boy in high school going on his first date. Don’t get me wrong, he did look very nice, in a black linen suit with a blue silk dress shirt and a black neck-tie to seal the deal. But he just looked so damn straight and narrow. No excitement. Just. Plain. Boring. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” I managed to say while wishing I were anywhere but there.”
T.A. Moorman. Witch Wars: The Underlayes, Book One (Kindle Locations 305-313). After Glows Publishing.
The pace was fluid, the plot spellbinding; there is paranormal graphic violence, graphic sex, suspense, action, adventure with many well-developed characters.
However, Beautiful Bibliophile, I never reveal spoilers, as I possess too much respect for you to ever spoil a story!
I am an independent ARC reader reviewer blogger and I originally received this novel free from the publisher and I chose to voluntarily review it.
*** This book is intended for mature audiences only as it includes both graphic violence and graphic sex***