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Frozen Perfection (7 Kingdoms, Book One) by Rae B. Lake

FP Cover

I fell in love right away with this author’s writing style, so easy to picture myself in the scenes and get lost in a world where fae and palaen were ancient enemies. Kate Fields was tired of moving every time there was danger. Never able to make friends, finish highschool, set down roots. Lucas Wolfe was disgusted with what he was and kept himself closed off from getting too close to anyone. I admired the courage it took for Kate to finally want to stand up and fight, though she didn’t know it wasn’t the Wolfe family that brought danger to her clan.
This book did remind me a little of the Sookie Stackhouse books but this author definitely had her own spin on this amazing tale. The pace was fluid; full of suspense and mystery. The characters courageous and willing to fight against unbeatable odds. The author exemplified each characters personality traits and they became more intriguing as the story progressed. Gnarly cliffhanger aside, this is one of my top ten reads so far in 2018!
This is the first book I’ve read by this author but it will not be the last! A highly recommended read.
Crimson Illusion (7 Kingdoms, Book Two) by Rae B. Lake

CI Cover

“‘Every ending is arbitrary because the end is where you write The End; a period, a dot of punctuation, a point of stasis. A pinprick in the paper: you could put your eye to it and see through, to the other side, to the beginning of something else.’
How come it couldn’t be my choice where my ending was? I thought that by forcing myself to stay alive, I was the one who was making the decisions about where my life would go. It was just the opposite. I left my whole life back in the States. There was nothing on the other side of this ending.”
This snippet hit home for me, as I’m sure it has for many others. Often I’ve had to remind myself that there may just be something on the other side of an ending. I connected with Kate Fields the most while reading this series and I’m thoroughly hooked!
This second installment in the 7 Kingdoms starts off with two broken families, each trying to survive in their own way, after the catastrophic event from book one. The novel is written from the POV of both Kate and Lucas. The well-developed cast of characters we learned to love and hate from the first book make their appearances once again, for better or worse. This author has a way of captivating all of your senses, delving deep into your soul. The tone of the tale is impassioned and intense, setting the audience’s mood. I read this novel in one night, losing precious sleep and not the least bit upset about it!
We are now in Ireland, home of the sexy Cathal with his bulging muscles, brogue accent and bad attitude. When Kate starts working in his tavern, she learns a lot more about the creatures that she never knew existed, beings that are of the 7 Kingdoms! Pieces start to fall into place as the suspense kicks into full gear. The origins of the 7 Kingdoms will blow your mind and impact your view on where the series is headed. This is a five star read, well worth the money. I cannot wait to read the third installment, Onyx Tremors.
The Pieces That Built Me by Amber Lacie
“Life is like a puzzle. Sometimes, it’s hard to see in the beginning the picture they would make, but part of the fun was building it.”
Every single time I read a novel by this author I’m taken into a world of pure emotion. I felt like I was there with Arlington every time her heart broke, every time she picked herself back up and forged ahead. Too much of this story was painfully real for me, a reminder of what I’ve lost, but also what I’ve gained. I laughed and cried with the characters, falling in love with each of them, feeling their loss as they fell victim to the very real problems in our world. This book was hard to put down for even a second, holding me captive as the story embraced me, needing to know what would happen next. I cannot wait for the next in series!
Hell Bound: A World Apart by Kathy Dinisi

This second installment of the Hell Bound series starts off right where the previous one ended. Sam and Matthew are still searching for their children in this post-apocalyptic story where zombies have taken over what could very well be most of the world.
As the characters find out what they’re capable of when faced with the worst possible scenario life could throw at them, it’s a race against time and monsters. The author gives us suspense, action, horror, sorrow and still there’s hope.
I recommend this novella, second in the Hell Bound series. I can’t wait to read the third!