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The Crossing by E.H.James

Crossing Kindle cover

A near death experience that awakens something primal from the other side and for Caitlin surviving her ordeal is only the beginning. Catlin loses everything she holds dear. This tragedy shows that PTSD brought on by tragedy is not just about learning to live with what you survived but continuing your life afterwards only in this story there is far more than mere coping and adjusting… a Sinister demonic spirit has followed the main character from her very brink of death. As Catlin copes and learns to live with tragedy and accepts she did everything she could to help those she loved this sinister force starts to make its presence known. Is Catlin going mad? Is Catlin losing her grasp on reality? Who can say? This story is filled with horror, creepy and unsettling. This wonderful tale made me question my own PTSD and how I live with my decisions. Catlin has her every aspect of her life invaded. Her family doesn’t know what she is dealing with and she has very few friends to rely on. Through the main characters willpower, determination and desire to live is where this story shines. Humanity even in one character if told right like it was here is why I love reading. Definitely a story I recommend reading just like all the previous writing by this author I have read.

Turning the Stone (The Blood Rites Trilogy Book 2) by S.L. Perrine


A story of power. A story of family. A story of magic. The Blood Rites trilogy continues with this second installment that takes place a few generations after the tale of Seraphina from the first story. This story can stand alone from the first story and even though I highly recommend Blood Rites because of how wonderfully written of a tale it was. I like that more than just the Crawford coven was focused on being the Silver Shadows and the Black Widow coven. Gwendolen Crawford comes to the age where she prepares to take on the power of High Priestess and through such a vocation she can then heal the rift between the Sigmis family and her very own. In steps Silas Sigmis Jr. whose very father ordered him to take the power of Gwendolen Crawford is trying to obtain by her very blood rite. Sigmis falls for the raven haired Crawford girl and here is where this story shines. Against all odds, against family tradition and against friends these two characters only have each other. Gwendolen being a potent, fiery personality brightens each page and Silas is the gloomy, brooding young man who breaks the cast made by his father and attempts to make a life with Gwendolen, protecting her and the power she carries in her genes and family lineage. More than love is at play. A power stronger than anything in the world of magic, witchcraft is fought for, sought after and here under so many threats the Crawford line must endure because this power can only transfer to the destined Crawford woman. Gwen has a life of pain, tragedy and sacrifice more so than any woman I have ever read about and Sigmis can’t work miracles and even thought he loves Gwen even he is under tremendous strain. I can’t give away spoilers. This story is tragic and filled with sorrow while the edge of this sword there is beauty, warmth and the human spirit in great abundance. Read this story and enjoy what I have.